Vivid Tenancy Agreement

Your rights and obligations depend on the type of rental you have. Buyer`s Profile Address: At the end of your starting tenancy, you are offered either: New tenants of housing co-ops may be offered a start-up rent. These usually last 12 months and are like a “sample” period. Check your lease or ask your housing company if you don`t know what type of lease you have. Justification for each framework agreement of more than 8 years: hello I write this audit as very satifized by the way living homes and colleges have helped me and my much appreciated family miss munday This is the worst social housing company I have ever met. We rented a garage for almost 20 years. We paid our bills without error. We asked for a minimum of inputs and kept the premises in good condition. The lease is in my mother`s name. She`s 86 and she`s deaf. Trying to get her to talk with me to fix the roof was an almost impossible task. It`s been weeks and it`s only now that they finally told me that the problem was the address on permission to share the form was fake, because she actually wanted the rental garage address that wasn`t requested. I asked if I could change the lease on my behalf, because it would prevent my elderly mother from participating.

I was told that it could not happen because it would be preferential treatment. I said the rent was paid on my account – I`m the one who uses the premises, but no, they basically said that if my mother died, I would have to go on a waiting list for the garage that I rented for 19 years. It`s disgusting. I work in social assistance and housing myself and I can honestly say that if one of the employees I observed had the same attitude and an unsypable approach, I would be horrified. I`m so grateful that it`s just a garage that we rent as if the same level of customer service is given to full-time tenants, so is really bad and they deserve better. Your rental agreement is a legal document that gives you all the rules relating to living on your property. I think the new complaints policy is helpful. Vivid instructed a contractor to encapsulate the damaged asbestos, without monitoring the contractor several times pierced in asbestos and dust struck through my house.

Vivid deliberately decided to cover up his tracks and engage in a cover-up, but I have tons of evidence and I will not be silenced. Called alive as desired (below) surprise no employee wants to talk or call me back. New vision sighs proposal “Ignorance is happiness” Acquisition involves the creation of a framework agreement with several operators. Just Out bad quality price real estate!! The service is well given below value and too expensive for quality. Worked: The double glazing does not last 3 years, because our condensation between the glazing of all our windows each morning has heating during the cold. I would like Trust Pilot to allow images so I can show them ALL the mistakes the mother had. If you live in a 2nd floor apartment with someone up in a separate block (I say Owned Block, because there are only the own apartments that people have on 3rd Floor, in the social blocks, they don`t have the discontent of the people above them, just a roof or a loft.) They listen to their tea/coffee in the morning with every link and Clank in the closet runs their water, etc. So the design is not quality, you will also hear downstairs closets always go their cups and plates etc as well as both washing machines are listening to them spin and thunder through the ceiling and walls as well sound proofing absent to say the least. VIVIDHomes know how to make the roof and take the must of it is a private tenant and owner for a little given possible!! They are employees are sarcastic and casual even before you get bored with them and start aerating!! You will look for the deficit in the service if you owe you 50% of 3m more due to covid only with them from 1ce a Fortnight instead of the week and low quality.